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Through The Tears by Sandy Fleuriot

Through the tears and the sorrow we remember the life that was lived.
Through the pain and the heartache we’re reminded of the hurt, we’re reminded of the loss we feel.

The tears we shed today as we grieve are not enjoyable but they move us forward in acknowledging that we’re hurting

We’ve come together to remember and to celebrate but let us not forget the gift of lamenting. Suffering leads to pain which leads to sorrow but Joy comes in knowing the Lord.

Some nights will be painful, Some nights will be restless. Seek peace and comfort in the arms of the Father.

A brother, A son, a friend to many. A part of us will always be missing, but the Hope I hold onto helps me to celebrate the restoration he is experiencing

I’m no poet, simply a brother who has lost someone who means the world to him. Though you are gone, you are never forgotten! Always loved and forever in my heart! Forever a part of me!

Mwen Renmen’w anpil Stephano! nou pap janm bliye ou! lavi nou pap menm jan apre jodi a. Nou shwazi pou celebre avek ou Jodi a!

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